Information & Therapy From A Licensed Therapist Who Has Worked Face to Face with People with Eating Disorders for 40 years.

Sue Bates M.Ed LMHCSue Bates M.Ed LMHC, 40 Years Experience, As Mentioned on the Dr. Oz Show

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Therapy in Seattle

Are you tired and fed up with worrying about your food, body and weight? Has it kept you from having the life YOU want? Following those dreams that keep calling to you?

  • A career that fits YOU.
  • Dating guys you can actually have a good relationship with. (those guys...)
  • Being able to have what you want in a relationship? Love, respect, help, care.
  • Being your own person, not doing what your family or others tell you to do.
  • Being free to relax and not be perfect.
  • Are you anxious a lot? You don't know how to say no or stand up for yourself.
  • You don't like yourself, pretty much ever?

People have ED's because there are things they don't know HOW to deal with in their life. I teach you how you don't NEED an eating disorder.

I don't just sit and listen, I give you practical info and homework so you can really move forward and have the like YOU want.

You don't have to waste your life, you can recover and move beyond your ED.

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Powerful Women = Powerful Girls

I have worked face to face for over 30,000 hrs with women that are just lost. They don't feel they have much of a say in their life. They don't know how to get what they want. We are teaching all this to the girls in our lives. I know this because they just keep coming. I can assure you it is getting worse. Do you want to get better and be a powerful role models for the girls in your life?

We have to make a decision to be Powerful Heroes for our Girls or this will NEVER stop!

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Consulting From Anywhere

Maybe you just need some info.

  • You might not be ready to do therapy. Do you really have an ED?
  • Maybe you just need some info about how to move forward. Where to go next.
  • What to look for to find a good therapist.
  • You live in a region of the country where there are not a lot of resources.
  • You are a Parent and you're not sure what to do for your child? What do you have control of and what not? How do you get them into treatment? Do they need it yet?

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